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Nothing is more important than Love.

         It always wins.


... Red Ring is about remembering to embrace life with an uncomplicated dedication to the universal truth that ...

        not only do we all share the same inner color,

but by design, we are all connected

   - without any beginning or end -

             by the power of love.

- Navin Puri, Founder

Be Yourself

It’s okay to be yourself!  Because if you can’t even love yourself, how then can you ever expect to be able to love someone or something else?

I founded Red Ring International as a way to remind myself that it’s okay to be me!  Specifically, the part of me that wants to find my own unique way to express something positive with others.

In fact, it’s a true blessing to know that we all live in an era where communicating something positive can be done in a variety of socially popular and responsible ways.

That’s why I’m extremely thankful that there’s a lot of great sites out there that promote positive messages. 


      ... Red Ring is just my personal, humble contribution to that greater collective ...

- Navin Puri, Founder


Our Logo

Logo Transparent


I was trying to find a way to uniquely and creatively express the positive message of Love Always Wins.  I originally began with the acronym:

“ L A W ” 

And then by pure accident, those three letters converted to symbols on my computer.  Instinctively, I thought they looked cool and decided to keep them as the logo for Red Ring.  But as I paused and continued to reflect upon them,

I realized

that there are no coincidences ...


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Navin Puri

As the founder of Red Ring International, I’d like to humbly invite you to embrace and share the virtue that Love Always Wins.  I’m simply trying to do that in my own creative way through the symbolism of Red Ring International.  And with every possible opportunity, I hope you’ll join me in promoting the positivity of that symbolism too!

Logo Transparent

- At the heart of -


is the

“R” “U”

Navin Puri

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