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Hi! I’m Navin

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I’m the Founder of

Red Ring International

Let me introduce myself by firstly thanking you for visiting the Red Ring International site.  I feel blessed to be able to use this forum to share messages – both my own and those of others – that we can all learn from.

With my every breath, I’m driven by the desire to spread the vibe of positivity in whatever way that I can manifest it – and I’ll be the first to confess that I consider myself just a humble student earnestly eager to discover the wisdom of mindfulness in whatever way it too manifests.

For me, Love is the singularity of the wisdom of mindfulness, and the symbolism of Red Ring International is a reflection of that universal wisdom, simply put: 

•   Love Always Wins   •

With a good heart and a warm smile, I’m harmoniously delighted to embark on the quest to be mindfully enlightened – from Atlanta and beyond!


... Hope you’ll join me too!

Explore Mindfulness With Me

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It’s all about sharing ...

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Our lives are journeys connected by lessons learned and shared.

I would love to receive any feedback you care to share that would enhance the Red Ring International site.  It can be a quote, artwork, or even links to messages or media that complement the symbolism of Red Ring International.

It would be amazing to receive creative ideas on how to bring the symbolism of Red Ring International to the world.

Have an idea?  I’d love to hear it!​

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Let’s Get in Touch

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Thanks for submitting!

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“I have decided to stick with love.

Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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