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Our Logo


I was trying to find a way to uniquely and creatively express the positive message of Love Always Wins into a logo to represent the essence of Red Ring International.  I originally began with an acronym by typing the first three letters of that phrase:

” L A W ”


In trying to give the letters a bit more personality, I began exploring different font types.  While doing that, I was briefly distracted and as I looked away from my computer, I had unintentionally nudged my mouse to hover over a symbol font type called Bookshelf Symbol 7.


When I turned my attention back to my computer screen, I noticed that the font type converted the letters L A W into the following three symbols:

Logo Transparent

My very first instinct was that the symbols looked cool!  They certainly satisfied my desire of wanting to have something creative, so I decided to keep them.  But ironically, something in me paused to ponder, “I wonder if this is truly an accident?”

As I continued to contemplate that thought and kept looking at the order of the symbols, I was amazed to experience what could best be described as an “Ah-ha” moment!

In a profound flash of inspiration and imagination, I found myself accepting the notion that there are no coincidences!


From my perspective, the symbols and their specific order project an unexpected wisdom on how to love and live life to the fullest which beautifully correlates with the theme of Love Always Wins:



Life is about attaining an elemental symmetry and core sense of balance.



Along the journey of life, in the quest of achieving balance, there will always be numerous ups-and-downs.  If you allow life’s turbulence to affect you, then balance is unachievable.  So embracing the wisdom and spiritual virtue of detachment helps us traverse the effect of life’s unpredictability.

Logo Transparent


But -- coping and learning how to detach ourselves from the effect of life’s unpredictability is REALLY hard to do!  Hence, to love and live every aspect and stage of life to the fullest takes a lot of HEART.  So, love and live life with a resilient and spirited inner strength that is ever-ready with a:

"Bring it on!" attitude!

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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