Our Logo

The Red Ring International logo is an acronym of the letters ‘ l a w ’ which symbolizes the universal message of: Love Always Wins.

When viewed using the true-type font, Bookshelf Symbol 7 (this is a standard font in Microsoft Office applications), the letters ‘law’ appear as follows:

With intriguing and amazing irony, these symbols project a powerful idea about how to love and live life to the fullest!

Life is about attaining an elemental symmetry and core sense of balance.

Along the journey of life, in the quest of achieving balance, there will always be numerous ups-and-downs. If you allow life’s turbulence to affect you, then balance is unachievable. So embracing the wisdom and spiritual virtue of detachment helps us traverse the effect of life's unpredictability.

But coping and learning how to detach ourselves from the effect of life's unpredictability is REALLY hard to do!  Hence, to love and live every aspect and stage of life to the fullest takes a lot of HEART. So do it with a resilient and spirited inner strength that is ever-ready with a "Bring it on!" attitude.

For Red Ring International, the core belief that Love Always Wins, will forever be the most important, inspiring and fun-filled feeling we choose to embrace in everything that we do.

Our logo promotes a pure winning thought and feeling: It's about always loving your life with everything you've got – because if you pause and think about it, it's truly the only one you've got.

Thank you for taking time to read about our logo.